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The Day I was going to Die

By Jeff

Under the gray expanse of the sky, I gripped the steering wheel, my knuckles white with determination. My car sped towards a massive power pole that loomed ahead, stark against the backdrop of the deserted high school parking lot. Driven by a profound despair, I believed this final act would end my suffering.

I was at a point where I believed the only escape from my deep depression was to end my life by crashing my car into a power pole at my high school. Feeling utterly alone and convinced that no one could ever accept the real me, suicide seemed like the only way out.

As I drove towards what I thought would be my final destination, a strong, clear voice inside my head urged me to stop. It told me not to give up on life. In that moment, I chose to listen and turned away from the path of self-destruction.

I didn’t understand the origin of that voice until a few days later when a friend invited me to a seminar on love, dating, and relationships. Initially just a fun evening out, it became a pivotal moment in my life. The speaker discussed the concept of unconditional love, something I longed for but never thought I’d find. He explained that this kind of love was available to everyone through a personal relationship with God, offered without prerequisites or conditions.

He shared that while human failings disconnect us from God, Jesus’ sacrifice has bridged that gap, allowing us to reconnect with God and embrace His unconditional love.

Moved by these revelations, I prayed that night for God to enter my life, forgive my sins, and grant me the new beginning He promised.

It turned out that it was God who intervened that day in the car, steering me away from death. Now, I embrace life with a newfound hope and purpose, having moved from despair to a life filled with potential and meaning. You too can find this transformative hope.

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